7 signs how you punish a narcissist, like really hurt them.

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It can be fun to play with narcissists


Narcissists at work? I love playing with them, they’re so beautifully simple to wind up. In fact, think of narcissists in all walks of life as schoolyard bullies and you won’t go far wrong. They put on a big show because inside they’re vulnerable, broken little children.


So do any of the following to really screw with their heads:

  1. Show them they are wrong, publicly.
  2. When they go on about their great life and their knowledge of luxury/fine wines/5-star hotels/international business, be super interested and push for details. Most of the time it’s the life they wish they led and they really don’t have any deep knowledge.
  3. Dismiss them, cut them off mid-sentence to talk to someone else.
  4. Just stop listening, walk off when they’re talking.
  5. Praise someone else, for something you know they think they’re great at.


There are so many ways to piss off a narcissist that you really don’t have to try that hard.


But let’s say it’s really personal… Let’s say you’ve been taken for a sucker and suffered the full wrath of narcissistic abuse. Sometimes you need to balance the books with the narcissist to help you come back. I get that…


Arrogance is their undoing


A narcissist’s biggest weakness is their arrogance and their frankly idiotic belief that they can spin as many plates as they like in the air. The plate, in this instance, is you.



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