7 signs how you punish a narcissist, like really hurt them.

Then came stage two. I started to frustrate her, basically reversing the roles. I gave her just enough supply to keep her coming back but, for the most part, I gave her nothing. She wanted me to drive her to London, I gave her a very vague yes, then flaked at the last minute. I’d be nice to her one day, then ignored her for two because I was ‘busy’.


It threw her off balance, she knew her grip was slipping and it sent her on a massive charm offensive.


She sent me provocative pictures, she told me when we could spend some time together, I told her everything I was going to do to her and she let me know she loved it. Then she went for another big favor, and it felt like the right time.2


I sent her the details of her husband, his Facebook page, the pictures of them together and I told her I was going to expose her. I showed her the screenshots, I showed her what she’d said in the heat of the moment, I showed her every single way she had done it all to herself.


What are a narcissist’s big fears?


A narcissist’s biggest fears are:

  1. Exposure
  2. Looking crazy
  3. Looking stupid
  4. Being manipulated
  5. Abandonment from a good source of narcissistic supply.


We had pretty much a full house here. But it wasn’t over yet.


I told her what was going to happen and she had a rage-fuelled meltdown over Facebook and email. She told me she didn’t give a shit what I said to him, she’d give me his phone number and I could talk to him. Even with her back to the wall, she wanted to direct and control. It’s just the way they’re wired.

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