7 signs how you punish a narcissist, like really hurt them.

I told her no, in good time, I’ll do it and I would publicly humiliate him, so he would have to publicly humiliate her.


You know what I did then? The killer blow?

Let narcissists kill themselves


You see if I’d done it, he’d have dumped her, she’d have been angry but she’d have moved on to one of the back-ups she inevitably had in store. One of the predications of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or Borderline Personality Disorder, is that their relationship will fail. They know it, so swinging a chainsaw through her marriage really wouldn’t have been that big a deal. She’d get over it, fast.


But spending months, knowing that somebody else had the power over her life. Living constantly with the knowledge that she had manipulated herself into a corner. That was torture. Knowing that someone else could have an impact on their life from afar, any moment and expose them as weak, stupid and naïve, that preys upon a narcissist’s mind.


They’re paranoid, deeply suspicious people, because of the horrors that they perpetrate on others. That means you can plant a seed and it will ruin them.

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