7 signs how you punish a narcissist, like really hurt them.

My narcissist destroyed her life to take control


She took control the only way she could. She ran her engagement into the ground, Kamikaze-style, and they broke up within a couple of months. The only way she could re-establish herself as the master of her own destiny was to destroy everything she had.


So that’s how to really take revenge on a narcissist. Take their control away, let them know they’re at your mercy and then let them destroy themselves.


Would I recommend it? No, there’s no massive satisfaction and when you see it unfold then you realize just how messed up the person really is. They’re broken, they were beneath you to start with and they’ll be beneath you for the rest of their lives. They knew that, too, that’s why they tried to drag you down.


She hates me with all the passion in the world now. She was the architect of her own downfall, but she will hold a grudge until the day she dies. That’s one reason I waited until I moved 3000 miles away, but if you’re down the road then don’t think there isn’t a length they’ll go to in order to get even.


So if you even think you’re involved with a narcissist, or a borderline, cut them loose. They’re never worth the energy and the only way to really win is to not get involved.

But if you really do feel like you need a little payback and you want to hurt a narcissist, there’s a blueprint to start you off.

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