8 Things I Wish People Knew About Parenting a Child With ADHD

  5.We’re both trying as hard as we can.

We make schedules and checklists to try and keep things on track. We role-playways he could have handled things differently. He works hard every day to keep it together at school, even if it means losing it when he comes home. I work hard to not lose it when he does. It’s exhausting.

  6.Putting my young child on ADHD medication wasn’t easy.

He gagged the first time he tried to swallow a pill. He cried the first time he couldn’t finish his pancakes because he had less of an appetite in the morning. I wanted to cry, too. But the medication truly changed his life. It’s not everyone’s choice, but it was our family’s choice. I just don’t want people to think I did it lightly.

  7.Feeling judged makes everything worse.

It isolates us, when what we need most is support.

 8.He’s so much more than his ADHD.

If people could look beyond the challenges, they’d see the person I see. He’s funny and smart. He’s loyal, almost to a fault. He picks himself up when he falls, and tries again. Most important, he has tremendous empathy. And unlike many people, he shows it all the time.

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