How I Take Advantage of My ADHD With Hyperfocus

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It occurred to me that if I could figure out what makes me successful, what makes me different, what makes me “faster than normal,” I could not only figure out ways to help myself, but possibly, ways to help the rest of the world as well, both those with ADHD and those involved in the life of someone with it. I could possibly even help those who have no connection to ADHD at all — because, let’s face it, one of the keys to using ADHD as your superpower is understanding how to channel your hyperfocus. And who wouldn’t benefit from learning that?

In order to achieve hyperfocus, several things need to happen at the same time. You need to be in an environment conducive to hyperfocus, you need to eliminate distractions, and set up a system that allows you to still be accessible to clients or staff, but without taking you out of your zone of focus.

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