How I Take Advantage of My ADHD With Hyperfocus

My productivity soars midweek, because I’ve planned for it, and trained my brain to do what’s needed to make sure that happens. It didn’t come overnight, but once I got it, it’s only gotten stronger.

It’s not easy though, and constantly requires maintenance. I’m up before dawn every day, so I can exercise for at least an hour each morning before I hit the office. The endorphins, dopamine and serotonin that I generate during those workouts carry me through the entire day better than any ADHD medication or drug ever could. I avoid processed food as much as possible, drink more water each day than most people do in a week and am obsessive about getting enough sleep. I also quit drinking a few years ago, because that was the biggest impediment to me being able to live and work the way I know is most productive and efficient for me.

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