Sjogren’s Syndrome and Trigeminal Neuralgia

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Clinical Summary
Sjogren syndrome: neurologic complications
Gustavo C Roman MD, author; Pedro J Ruiz MD, author; Raymond P Roos MD, editor.

“…..Mori and colleagues reviewed 92 patients (86% women, mean age 60 years) with Sjögren syndrome and found the following varieties of neuropathy: sensory ataxia (39%); sensory painful neuropathy (20%); trigeminal neuropathy (17%); multiple mononeuropathy (12%); multiple cranial neuropathies (5%); autonomic neuropathy (3%); and radiculoneuropathy (4%) (Mori et al 2005).”(bolding mine)


Neurological Manifestations Of Sjögren’s Syndrome
Steven Mandel, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Neurology
Jefferson Medical College
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