ADHD Tips for Your Life – The 15 Rules of Living With ADHD

If you apply these 15 ADHD tips to your own life, I’m confident that your life will change in big ways.

Ready for a dose of reality?

Just keep reading to see the complete list of tips for living with ADHD.

ADHD Rule 1. Don’t tell most people that you have ADHD

I rarely tell people about my ADHD in the real world for the following reasons:

  • Most people don’t care if you have ADHD – not your boss, co-workers, friends, or even family members in many cases (an unfortunate reality)
  • The mainstream media has convinced most people that ADHD isn’t a real condition (another massive problem)
  • Most people think you’re playing the victim card when you tell them that you have ADHD
  • Most people think that taking prescription ADHD medication to manage your ADHD is like ‘cheating’ (people will become very envious of you)
  • Everyone wants to give you their personal opinion on your medical condition

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