ADHD Tips for Your Life – The 15 Rules of Living With ADHD

  • Some people will try to exploit your situation by asking you for ADHD medication (never do this – not once)

After making the mistake of telling people about my ADHD in the past, and getting literally zero benefits in return, I now realize that it’s in your best interest not to tell most people about your condition.

I understand talking about ADHD with your significant other, and other people who you’re extremely close with.

But, in my experience, telling people about your ADHD usually leads to other people holding your condition against you (it’s really unfortunate – but it’s also reality).

ADHD Rule 2. It’s time to move past your childhood traumas

If you’ve ever spoken with a psychologist or a similar health professional, you realize that plenty of adult problems stem from childhood traumas.

Maybe your needs weren’t fully met as a child. You might have experienced fear, abandonment, loneliness, malnutrition, or abuse.

I know these things are unfortunate. I had a messed up childhood, too.

But, the truth is that your childhood traumas are no longer preventing you from making the most of your life with ADHD.

The clock is ticking, your time is limited, and the choice is completely yours.

You can feel angry about your past, or just choose to let go, and make the most of the time that you’ve been given.

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