ADHD Tips for Your Life – The 15 Rules of Living With ADHD

ADHD Rule 3. Get your physical fitness in check

Your physical fitness and mental health are connected.

You will experience awesome mental clarity when you exercise regularly. It’s really hard to deny this fact.

Go to the gym for 45 minutes each day. That’s all it takes. If you want to think clearly with ADHD, and live a better life in general, then you have to get your physical fitness in check.

No, you don’t have to get shredded or hit a certain body fat percentage to be physically fit.

But, if you want to feel your best, you do have to make yourself sweat every day.

ADHD Rule 4. Know how your ADHD brain actually works

DHD is most likely caused by your genetics, nutrition, and/or the environment in which you were raised.

It’s been shown that the ADHD brain is biologically different compared to most ‘normal’ brains.

Your ADHD brain isn’t normal. But, it isn’t bad either. It just works differently. My psychologist actually referred to ADHD as a ‘brain style’, and I really enjoy how she re-framed ADHD in a positive light.

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