ADHD Tips for Your Life – The 15 Rules of Living With ADHD

’ve tried 5 of the above prescription ADHD medications, and I like Vyvanse the most. I currently take Vyvanse because it gives me the smoothest focus during the day along with the most manageable side effects.

Adderall and Adderall XR are effective as well, but they’re too ‘edgy’ for my sensitive system. I get annoyed way too easily when I take Adderall.

Provigil is unbelievably effective, but I couldn’t sleep at all while taking the drug. I’m not exaggerating. Your results may differ.

I don’t hear much about Ritalin being prescribed anymore. It used to be popular, I think. But, there are probably better ADHD treatment options out there.

My roommate was prescribed Concerta, and he was a sharp, funny, and an all-around great guy (law school student). That’s the only experience that I have with Concerta.

I’ve never tried Strattera or Wellbutrin, but I know that they’re two of the most popular non-stimulant ADHD medications.

ADHD Rule 8. ADHD is a gift or a curse (it’s up to you to decide)

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