What the Opioid Crisis Looks Like for Someone With Chronic Pain

4. “You Can Eat Anything and Stay Skinny”

Weight loss in someone suffering from IBD is often due to a flare-up, which causes severe abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. During a flare-up, a person usually needs to choose foods very carefully to avoid making their symptoms worse. Try not to comment on what they’re eating.

5. “Taste This! Come On, Try a Bite!”

Many people with IBD are familiar with what foods they can and cannot eat. Don’t force a piece of cake down their throat at a birthday party, or ask why they aren’t eating their side dish (in front of everyone) at dinner.

6. “You Must Be Really Stressed”

There is no evidence that stress causes Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Don’t assume that IBD was brought on by too much stress in someone’s life. It can however, make symptoms worse. So try to keep the conversation light when talking to a friend with IBD.
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