15 Health Benefits of Low-Carb & Ketogenic Diets (I Love No. 9)

8. Suppress Your Appetite, So You Are Less Tempted to Overeat

One of the ways in which a low-carb diet helps you to lose weight is by controlling your appetite.

Hunger is one of the reasons it is typically hard to diet, especially if you are sticking with a typical crash diet which involves giving up a lot of proteins and fats.

No one likes being hungry all the time, so this is a common reason why dieting fails.

Imagine if you could go on a diet that would help you lose weight without being hungry all the time.

That’s what you can do with low-carb!

A low-carbohydrate diet reduces hunger (45).

You are eating more fats and proteins when you reduce your carbohydrate intake on a low-carb diet. Protein can help you to feel full (46).

By eating more fat (moderate protein) on a low-carb ketogenic diet, your body adjusts to predominately burn fat (ketosis) for energy. Having access to your body fat for energy, you won’t feel the need to snack on carbohydrate foods to top up your blood glucose levels (47).

Sugar is also highly addictive and may even be more addictive than cocaine (48). This causes you to snack more on sugary foods. On a low-carb diet, you eat fewer carbs and hence less sugar so you won’t be tempted to snack because of addiction.

As a result, you will naturally end up eating fewer calories (yes, even with all those fats) on a low-carb diet than you would if you were eating a low-fat diet.

Hunger is one of the reasons that dieters on low-fat plans need to actively restrict calories.

On a low-carb diet, do not be surprised if you feel so satisfied after and between meals that you do not even need to count calories to stay on track.
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