20 Gut Health Tips for Kids with ADHD

Antibacterial soaps have been linked to the destruction of good bacteria (Source).

9. Cesarean birth vs. vaginal birth

When babies are born via C-section, they miss out on the benefits of mom’s gut flora that lines the vaginal cavity.

10. Not being breastfed

Breastmilk contains beneficial bacteria along with so many other things that benefit baby’s well being.

Probiotics and ADHD — How to Restore Your

Child’s Gut Health

Ideally, we should expose our children to healthy bacteria as early as possible (even prenatally through maternal probiotic supplementation) and avoid practices that damage our friendly flora. This will give kids healthy connections between gut and proper brain chemical balance.

But since many factors in our modern environment can negatively affect the microbiome, one of the best ways to ensure our kids are continually exposed to strong probiotic colonies is through high-quality probiotic supplements.

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