Deficiencies quality of life and work life too often mysterious illness: Fibromyalgia

The following symptoms occur when the person begins to manifest:

  • Knows himself, he begins to feel like the person I used to be
  • not enough for the body they want to do
  • since the former does not like to be touched
  • It is difficult to explain to those around him
  • Still in good condition, despite the fact that all these appearances

The first data about the diagnosis, the person starts from a place of pain to be expressed that spread throughout the body.

This pain; normally flammable, it described as sızlayıc. Sleep disorders; sleep a lot, sometimes insomnia: sleep is not supported with the mood of the person begins to deteriorate as a result. sometimes with burning pain, in addition to the above symptoms may be accompanied by a sense of imbalance.

Depression and anxiety are some of the symptoms used to diagnose.

Fibromyalgia can cause depression and social isolation.
This effect is caused by the tension of the FMS with great physical and psychological.
This reduces the strain on our working hours can lead to loss of jobs and still our income.

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