Deficiencies quality of life and work life too often mysterious illness: Fibromyalgia

the quality of work in person is reduced; Reduce attention skills and perception.

Enjoy it affects a person’s life, motivation and reduces efficiency .The statistics of fibromyalgia in the United States, as it leads to job loss, then the cost of the highest ranking in patients with heart disease who received second place. economy, ie business life and adversely affecting fibromyalgia ‘disease was’ daily life can also be said.

So we see these kinds of symptoms in which we have to apply?

First, we must apply the right direction for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia in rheumatology. However, because it is a complicated disease, your doctor may want the opinions of other experts.

Or treatment?

not a single expert treatment of fibromyalgia; multidisciplinary way. they need treatment receive the support of many branches. especially in physical and rehabilitation, psychologists, therapists and physiotherapists to get professional help therapy required. When queries necessary to get support from other medical specialties.

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