Deficiencies quality of life and work life too often mysterious illness: Fibromyalgia

No one in all the symptoms can be very unlikely.

There is a standard way to treat fibromyalgia. inform people, exercise, diet, there are a lot of psychological support for drug treatment stage.

They can be summarized as follows;

  • Dress  according to weather conditions
  • Avoid the stifling atmosphere
    (Because it is not very likely to avoid stress),
  • learn ways to combat stress
  • obtain the necessary support to live in peace with our own psychologist
  • Good nutrition
  • To set the hours of work and rest
  • To regulate the working environment: ergonomic seats, a proper desk height, look at the computer monitor at
  • the elbow of the arm-shaped keyboard that prevents the fall.
  • Ourselves a good sport
  • One of yoga, swimming, thai-chi and tai-bo, can be very useful in activities that are physical and mental integrity.

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