Your Ketogenic Diet Plan is Wrong! (10 Mistakes Killing Your Keto Diet

Whether I’m coaching clients, getting emails from website visitors to Facebook, Instagram and twitter messages. I always get the question: Why am I not keto adapting?

Simply put… Your Ketogenic Diet Plan is Wrong!

There are so many reasons why the majority of people struggle with trying to adapt on a ketogenic diet plan. I could write an entire book on this subject because there are so many factors involved with Keto adaptation.

It can stem from previous damage to your body before starting a keto diet or stress from everyday life. But one thing I do notice is that most of the time, there is at least one thing wrong with what they are doing.

First of all… Keto adaptation should not be something to “obsess over”. Seriously! For some it may take weeks, others it may take months. The thing I want you to understand is that you can lose weight and feel really good on a keto diet plan without being “fully” adapted.

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