Your Ketogenic Diet Plan is Wrong! (10 Mistakes Killing Your Keto Diet

So please don’t beat yourself over the head if you’re not “adapted”… As long as you’re feeling and looking your best, that’s all that matters.

With that being said… I listed my top 10 reasons from all the emails I receive and people I personally work with that may be holding you back…

I know it can be hard trying to fight those uncontrollable urges to eat junk food. So make sure to avoid these common keto diet mistakes that people often make.

10. Heavy Workouts are Deadly on a Keto Diet Plan

A couple years back, that was me… Slapping 315 lbs. on the weight bench and lifting my heart out. See when I first started keto no one told me that I had to exercise a different way. It resulted in me losing a ton of muscle and I was really frustrated and almost gave up on keto.

Working out “heavy” basically just puts you in a catabolic state… Raising your cortisol, spiking your insulin looking for “that” immediate energy which is carbs. Since the carbs aren’t there, down goes your muscle mass!

So do us both a favor and lighten the load! With keto your muscles recover a lot faster than being on a high carb diet. So lift lighter weights and workout at least 3-4 times a week.
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