Your Ketogenic Diet Plan is Wrong! (10 Mistakes Killing Your Keto Diet

4. Heavy Cardio can kick you out of Ketosis

I always have to repeat myself when it comes to cardio… Don’t do it!… If anything, do HIIT training… If your cortisol raises, you’re just eating away at your muscles.

Let me tell you a story! Really quick, I promise…

A client of mine insisted on jogging two miles a day on keto. He always complained about feeling weak and lacked energy. Of course he would complain about muscle loss (that’s a given). I would always remind him about what he was doing to his body. I kind of got sick of telling him over and over…

Eventually he started working with some “Bodybuilding” trainer who told him to eat “at least” 150 carbs a day, stay away from fats and keep jogging. He argued me up and down about the trainer being right…lol… I told him to “do what’s best for you”. I washed my hands of it.

Two months go by and I get a phone call… It was him… The first thing that came out of his mouth was… “You was right”…

I could rant on it some more but I know you’re here looking for results so… Basically, if you’re going to run, do HIIT instead or your body will find that immediate fuel source (which is muscle). We don’t want that.
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