Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World

7. Kidney stone

Kidney stone or Renal calculus is formation of pebbles due to accumulation of salts, minerals or calcium in the kidney. It mainly causes problem when stones enter the ureter or urinary bladder it obstruct the flow of urine thus causes immense pain in lower abdomen. During kidney problems patients are recommended to drink plenty of water. Medicines should be taken strictly according to doctors prescription. It is also found to be hereditary. But usually inadequate diet is the culprit.

6. Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is the formation of ulcers in colon and rectum. It is indicated by a severe pain in abdomen or abdominal cramps can be felt. Symptoms also include tiredness, undergrowth in children, loss of weight and appetite. Bleeding in gastrointestinal tract and pus and blood in stool confirms the disease. It can be caused by physical strain and acidity, guesses are made that it may be caused due to immunity problems. Ulcerative colitis occur at the age of 15-30 or after 50. It is also known to be run in families. These ulcers if not treated in time can cause further complication such as hemorrhage

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