5 False Neuropathy Facts Your Doctor Mistakenly Promotes

3. There are no treatment procedures for neuropathy.

In reality the best treatment procedures for peripheral neuropathy do not need to be administered by a doctor. Therefore the doctor is neither motivated to learn them nor teach to the patient. Experience has proven that most family doctors are not even aware of these methods and are not motivated to get involved with this type of patient management; this is because it is too time intensive and not worthwhile financially. Patients must therefore assume the responsibility of learning and implementing the methods of self-treatment. I have created a simple step-by-step program that will teach you these methods which you can get at this link.
This is actually a good and positive thing! Significant amounts of money will be saved by the patient taking over their own case and not paying the high professional fees. By reducing these costs, most any person is able to correct their neuropathy problem without the financial burdens that prevent many individuals from getting the care which they otherwise need and deserve.

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