7 ADHD Triggers You Never Suspected

If you do some research on yourself, you should be able to figure out what locations trigger your ADHD symptoms. Next time you do something impulsive or realize you have lost your focus, think about where you are.

2. Foods and Their Artificial Ingredients

For the most part, scientists don’t know if certain foods can trigger ADHD symptoms. However, a recent study suggests artificial food coloringincreases hyperactivity in people, regardless of whether they have ADHD.

  • Avoid food coloring? Check.

3. Emotions

Emotions play a key role in what people do, think, and say. They can also trigger certain ADHD symptoms.

Someone with ADHD is more in touch with their emotions than the average person. And not in a “girly” way, but more so in the sense that they have a deeper level of empathy for themselves.

If a person with ADHD gets excited, they may be more likely to act on an impulse or become hyperactive and unfocused. The same goes for any other emotion, like fear, anger, or happiness.

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