7 ADHD Triggers You Never Suspected

7. Overstimulation and Technology

ADHD can affect the brain by preventing it from being able to rapidly filter external stimuli (noises, lights, movement.) This leads to overstimulation, which can best be described as a dam (your brain) being overloaded with water (stimuli/what’s going on around you) until you crack.

Overstimulation can make you feel mad or anxious, which in turn can cause hyperactivity, impulsiveness, or inattention.

Likewise, the appeal of technology is instant gratification. With a phone, you can instantly get an answer to any question you have, watch your favorite show, or talk to a friend.

Was the human brain meant for 24/7 access to instant gratification? Who knows. But it is a fact that spending too much time watching TV or on the phone can lead to overstimulation if not done in moderation.