9 Signs The ‘Fuckboy’ You’re Dating Is Actually A Full-Blown Narcissist

8. Narcissists are extremely jealous.

During our relationship, if I was doing anything without him, he’d make a point to convince me I couldn’t do any better than him.

During one of our off-seasons, I dated a professional athlete. Andrés called me one day attempting to reconcile, and upon learning who, I had been dating, he completely flew into a rage.

A big, black, millionaire athlete was about the only thing that could make him come across as truly jealous. This man had the power to break me free of Andrés’ hold.

He proceeded to accost me, called me every offensive name in the book and ended the conversation with, “He probably looks at you like a hoe, anyway, dumb-ass. Get ran through.”

If I ever made him jealous, he would do everything he could to get his power over me back, whether it be through flowers, dinner or doting.

A fuckboy will ghost you if you move backwards, sideways or onwards. He will think he has benched you, even if you’ve hopped over to an entirely new roster.

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