9 Signs The ‘Fuckboy’ You’re Dating Is Actually A Full-Blown Narcissist

However, my friends would always make comments about how powerful his presence is and how sexy that was. But, people should strive to surround themselves with others who inspire them and motivate them to be better people.

This is an endeavor that the narcissist is completely uninterested in.

He fixates instead on fantasies of riches, popularity, success, power, vanity and materialism, and he inflates himself to embody these fantastical ideas. People revere him incredibly.

A fuckboy doesn’t possess the charm, the wit and the intelligence to engineer followers based on a false sense of self.

3. Narcissists will place themselves on the same level as people with more accomplishments.

Every narcissist thinks they’re the next Kanye West.

Andrés went through different professional phases in his life, first as a nightclub bouncer, then as a tech salesman and then as a finance guy, all the while building his own personal training business. No, it was an empire. 

He was always boasting about being a “true entrepreneur” and how much money he spent, how creative his ideas were and how innovative of a businessman he was.

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