9 Signs The ‘Fuckboy’ You’re Dating Is Actually A Full-Blown Narcissist

Any time I provided some context to his thought process or attempted to push him to do better, he would put me down calling me “broke” (because I was going to school and working full-time). How would tell me how the major I chose was useless and countless other things to attack the very things I prided myself on.

Good, supportive, balanced partners never would do that.

Most importantly, he would wait until we were around others to do so. He would start attacking me through humiliation, distracting people from focusing on any shortcomings he might have that may be revealed by any means necessary.

He would counter this action by building me up in private. Narcissists feel like they are unique and superior, and this gives them a VIP card to enter any elite class of people, regardless of the fact they have never worked nearly as hard as the elite.

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