9 Signs The ‘Fuckboy’ You’re Dating Is Actually A Full-Blown Narcissist

This is why he overcompensates, but fortunately, any average Joe can tell he is faking it. Narcissists are so cunning and so manipulative that they can charm some of the most intelligent people in the world.

Every narcissist thinks they’re the next Kanye West

4. Narcissists are only truly happy when others are praising them.

You ever see that the guy you’re talking to is only happy in conversations that have to either do with building himself up or tearing others down? Chances are, your dude is a narcissist.

The final experience I had with Andrés was this past April, when he came to visit me in LA with a bunch of family friends. He was intending to prove to me that he deserves a lasting place in my life.

Moving from San Francisco to LA in August was a great move for me, in the sense that it gave me time to build back some of the confidence I had lost over the past few years with him. This gave me a much more renewed perspective.

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