9 Signs The ‘Fuckboy’ You’re Dating Is Actually A Full-Blown Narcissist

Granted, you cannot control some things from occurring in life, but narcissists are extremely regimented and skilled in picking people to manipulate for long periods of time. They can slowly continue to add more people to their menagerie of loyal followers.

The dangerous part is, narcissists are used to being able to control or manipulate whomever they come in contact. Therefore, they think they’re much better than anyone they come into contact with. This usually leads to them being successful con artists.

Fuckboys want special treatment, but they’re not typically expecting it.

6. Narcissists will always exploit others if given the opportunity.

Andrés would use people for whatever he could, and then he’d brag about it.

Whether it be free dental cleanings, the gaining and letting go of a business partner for financial security or having a whole separate girlfriend to satisfy the narcissistic characteristics I could not (all unbeknownst to me at the time), he was always taking advantage of someone for something.

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