20 Best Home Remedies For Neuropathy Pain In Hands, Legs & Feet

16. Home Remedies For Neuropathy Pain – Brahmi Oil

Brahmi oil is a herb infusion of the brahmi herb in any type of base oil. Brahmi oil has long been used in the ancient times to increase hair growth. Also, it is a nervous tonic for the human brain as well as the nervous system when you massage it onto the scalp. Brahmi oil has therapeutic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties that make this oil a powerful solution for many problems such as eliminating bacteria and viruses, promoting the expulsion of gas in the body, alleviating pain, tightening skin, etc. You can apply brahmi oil to your body to lessen pain and inflammation. Massage the affected area with numbness and pain every day, twice per day. In no time, you will see positive results.

17. Vitamin B9

Also known as folic acid, vitamin B9 could increase the production of red blood cells, support the cell regeneration, aid in DNA synthesis, and decrease the sciatic nerve pain in the limbs and back. It is used to improve muscle coordination, thereby protecting your sciatic nerve.
Thus, it is important to opt for foods high in vitamin B9 such as beans, peans, asparagus, lima beans, mushrooms, corn, broccoli, liver, orange juice, green turnip, and avocado. This is one of the most natural home remedies for neuropathy you should use.
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