20 Best Home Remedies For Neuropathy Pain In Hands, Legs & Feet

18. Vitamin C

Vitamin C could be used to strengthen the immune system and protect the sciatic nerve. You can use vitamin C to reduce your sciatic nerve pain and repair the nerve damage, while improving the function of nervous system and reducing nerve inflammation.
Foods rich in vitamin C are grapefruits, oranges, tomato, spinach, pineapple, mustard greens, cherries, strawberries, and cabbage. Consuming more foods which are high in vitamin C is one of the must-try home remedies for neuropathy.

19. Home Remedies For Neuropathy – Hot Pepper

Hot pepper is rich in capsaicin, which have both analgesic and irritant properties that can alleviate neuropathy symptoms. Hot peppers, also called cayenne peppers or chili peppers, have been used in traditional Chinese medicine, folk medicine, and Ayurveda medicine to relieve muscle pain, sinus congestion and headache. The antioxidants like vitamin A and C are also available in hot peppers. According to Drugs.com, capsaicin has pain-relieving and antioxidant properties. This substance tends to be more effective on the chronic pain like that of peripheral neuropathy, rather than acute and short-term pain.

You can add hot peppers to your diet plan or make use of pain-relieving topical cream containing capsaicin for the same effects. OTC pain-relieving topical cream is available in concentrations that range from .025 to .075% of capsaicin.
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