20 Best Home Remedies For Neuropathy Pain In Hands, Legs & Feet

1. Home Remedies For Neuropathy – Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

People with high blood sugar level are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, eye problems, kidney damage, or any other complication, such as nerve damage.

High blood sugar level is really toxic to your own nerves. When the nerve is damaged, you might feel pins and needles, tingling, sharp, stabbing pain or burning. Maintaining blood sugar stable in a healthy range is among the most crucial things to prevent damage to your blood vessels, nerves, skin, eyes, and other body parts before the complications develop.

2. Home Remedies For Neuropathy – Have A Healthy Diet Plan

The diet plan you are following has a direct influence on your blood glucose levels. Hence, to manage your neuropathy pain, you need to modify your diet in the way which is friendly to your blood glucose levels. Some tips you should apply when it comes to having a healthy diet plan is:

  • Choosing unprocessed, whole foods
  • Reducing or limiting the consumption of refined carbs, sugary drinks, and added sugars
  • Drinking more water or herbal tea over soda juice as well as other sweetened beverages
  • Consuming plenty of healthy fats and lean proteins over the refined carbs
  • Using less packaged foods and checking labels for added sugars and ingredients when buying
  • Managing your weight by cooking at home
  • When cooking, using the techniques like steaming, baking, roasting, and broiling or frying

In terms of choosing unprocessed, whole foods, you had better eat high-fiber foods which are jam packed with nutrients but low in artificial/sugar ingredients, such as:

  • Veggies and whole fruits: all types because they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and essential electrolytes such as potassium and minerals
  • Wild-caught fish: this is important because wild-caught fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which can lower triglycerides as well as apoproteins which raise the risk of neuropathy.
  • Healthy fats: found in coconut milk/oil, nuts, olive oil, avocado and seeds
  • Lean protein foods
  • Use no-calorie sweetener over table sugar.

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