Beyond k etosis, intermittent fasting has many benefits. Some of the benefits include raising growth hormone, weight loss, hormone balance, and so much more. Most people feel so good and notice so many benefits from intermittent fasting that they practice it daily.

2) Hit the HIIT

If you want to get into a state of ketosis and maintain it, exercise is an absolute must. The one thing we know is that from a physiological perspective, not all exercise is created equal. This is why I suggest High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for my patients. The HIIT workouts highly activate what is known as a GLUT-4 receptor in the body, which pulls blood sugar out of the blood stream and then utilizes that blood sugar much more efficiently. HIIT workouts should only be performed every other day for maximum efficiency. If HIIT workout are performed too often, such as every day, they can cause more harm that good.
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