3) Monitor Protein Intake

Many people who are avoiding carbs while on the ketogenic diet tend to overdose on protein. It then causes them to fail at maintaining a ketogenic state. The reason for this is because protein breaks down into sugar when you over-consume protein in amounts that your body can’t utilize. This is a process called gluconeogenesis.

The protein that an athlete requires is much different that the protein a couch potato needs. The general rule of thumb to determine how much protein you need is to divide your body weight by 2.2 and that is the magic number. At 180 lbs., I personally need 81 grams of protein. 81 grams is sufficient for me with no exercise. I increase this number depending on the intensity of exercise which I perform. I determine how much I need to increase my protein intake by measuring my state of ketosis using the ketostix. I may throw in another 50 grams of protein on a heavy workout day, but if I notice I start to fall out of ketosis, I will cut the protein back. This simply takes some fine-tuning. It may sound daunting, but trust me that it isn’t. Monitor your body for a week or two and see what protein intake you require and then you’ll just know based on your workout and how you feel.
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