My child suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia

After him begging me night after night to please help him, I sought out the best Neurosurgeon to see if he could help us. Garrett was 12 when he had his first of 8 Brain surgeries. We drove to Pittsburgh, PA from Huntsville, AL and saw Dr. Peter Janetta, the recognized GURU for Micro Vascular Decompression of the Trigeminal Nerve (MVD). Dr. Janetta agreed Garrett had Atypical TN along with Geniculate Neuralgia (which causes the severe ear pain), and he performed a MVD on Garrett’s right side. His surgery went well and we were so hopeful this was the end; sadly it was not. Garrett started having shocks of pain in his teeth before we even headed for home. Two months later we went back to Pittsburgh so Dr. Janetta could perform a MVD on Garrett’s left side; surgery number 2. While we were there four days later, we decided to have another surgery on Garrett’s right ear to help alleviate ear pain. The procedure consisted of sectioning the Jacobsen Nerve and severing the Chordi Tympani, surgery number 3.
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