My child suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia

He was in excruciating pain for many days to follow. We drove back to our home in Huntsville and gave the nerves time to settle down to see if the surgeries did the trick. Again, disappointment as they failed to provide any relief. Garrett was still taking handfuls of pills with no relief and the side effects of medication are nearly worse than the disease. Back to researching I went, and with the help of friends on an online support group, I learned about another top Neurosurgeon in Trenton, Michigan named Dr. Ken Casey. Garrett was now 13 and still begging me every day to call this Dr. and make an appointment. Scared to death, I finally called and was able to get him in for a consultation; off to Trenton, Michigan we drove. Dr. Casey decided we should try a Lidocaine Infusion to see if it gave Garrett any relief, again the procedure was not successful and we were given the option of the Dorsal Root Entry Zone (DREZ) surgery. This is a VERY invasive procedure where they go in to the top of the spinal cord and burn lesions (about ten) on the nerves that run to each side of his face.
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