My child suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia

This was really our last hope for relief. Surgery number 4 lasted over 6 hours and took an obvious toll on Garrett. We were released after several days of recovery and returned home to Alabama. Four days later we noticed Garrett’s incision was leaking. We went to our local ER and they said we needed to go back to Michigan to see Dr. Casey. Trigeminal Neuralgia is not something you normally see in Pediatrics and they had never heard of the DREZ. So back to Michigan we drove. When we got back to Michigan, Dr. Casey put him on antibiotics for a couple of days and then went back in and repaired the CSF leak; surgery number 5. We were released after a few days and drove back to Alabama. This is when everything went horribly wrong. We arrived home on a Monday and by Friday Garrett was once again showing signs of a CSF leak; running a fever, shaking, complaining of lower back pain and severe headache. We rushed him to Huntsville Hospital Women and Children’s ER. They immediately started triage and tried to get him stable.
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