My child suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia

His Glucose measured a 2 and he was diagnosed with Meningitis, most likely caused by a Staph infection. The ER Dr. said Garrett would have passed away at home that night if we had not gotten him to the Hospital; he had never seen a person with glucose that low and still alive. The next day a Neurosurgeon, Dr. Banks, took him back to perform a wound revision and debris the infection out; surgery number 6. Dr. Banks indicated Garrett was very lucky to be alive, but the surgery went well and Garrett would be in ICU for a few days. The Infectious Disease Dr. decided it was necessary for Garrett to have a PICC line inserted and receive IV medication for the next eight weeks. We were released and Home Health Care came that day to show me how to give Garrett his medication and empty and clean his Foley. Due to nerve issues Garrett was having a problem urinating on his own.
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