My child suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia

That first night home was horrendous. He was projectile vomiting again and couldn’t hold anything down. The next morning we rushed back to the ER where he was admitted for observation and battery of tests. Around 4:00 that afternoon Garrett started becoming very confused and agitated. He was saying things that made absolutely so sense, he couldn’t correctly recognize family members, and then his eyes suddenly rolled back in his head. I, along with his dad and my husband rushed to the nurse’s station and demanded a doctor come ASAP. They moved Garrett into the Pediatrics ICU where we met Dr. Kimberly Limbo, a Pediatric Neurologist with Huntsville Hospital. As Dr. Limbo was holding Garrett’s head down and performing an EKG, she indicated he had Hydrocephalus, and it was “minute to minute mom” on whether he would survive. I will never forget those words as long as I live. The on call Neurosurgeon, Dr. Johnson, showed up with an assistant and indicated Garrett’s prognosis was “grim” (also words I’ll never forget). He explained he had to perform a bedside drain into Garrett’s head to release the pressure and fluid because there wasn’t enough time to get to the OR; surgery number 7.
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