My child suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia

Thank God the procedure went well and Garrett began recognizing family members by early morning. We spent 10 days in ICU managing the balance of the external drain in his head. He was eating, talking and even laughing. I think all of the nurses and staff fell in love with him. Surgery number 8 consisted of inserting the permanent VP Shunt in his head and drain to his abdomen. The meningitis caused a concrete type blockage in his upper spinal cord preventing free flow of brain fluid into his spinal cord, causing pressure to build on the brain. The surgery was successful, but getting used to the shunt and how it drained was a little difficult for Garrett; he was nauseated for the next month or so.
He was released from the hospital again with the PICC line and I gave him medicine for the next 6 weeks. The reason for the IV medication was due the MVDs he had the year prior. MVDs consist of using a Teflon Felt to wrap the blood vessel in an attempt to decompress the trigeminal nerve, creating a chance the meninges could attach to the Teflon Felt (foreign body). Fortunately, the infection left but the pain DID NOT. He’s now 16, and instead of school, dances and girls, he lives in a dark room, still on medication, and suffers 24/7. We need a CURE.

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