Woman finds hope in struggle with ‘suicide disease’

After failed attempts to contact Holley’s doctor in Dallas, Emily was able to connect Holley with a leading specialist on her condition, Dr. Raymond Sekula in Pittsburgh.

“With Emily, when I met up with her, she tried to get a hold of my doctor in Dallas to interview him. He wouldn’t call her,” Holley said. “She got a hold of Dr. Sekula. He personally returned her call and he wanted to Skype with me.”

After a consultation with Dr. Sekula via Skype, he determined that he could help Holley better manage her pain with a non-traditional surgery.

“He helped me… ended up helping me,” Holley said. “For a while, I didn’t think it worked. I was still having a lot of pain but it just took a while for it to heal, and now I’m doing… I’m doing a lot better.”
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