11 Silent Signs of Multiple Sclerosis It’s Easy to Overlook

You’re covered in bruises from tripping and falling

Clumsiness is one of the most overlooked MS symptoms because it’s kind of embarrassing. People may just think they have bad balance but having weakness in one or both of your legs—which often first manifests as tripping, stumbling, unsteadiness, and falling—could be a sign that something is wrong with your motor nerves, Dr. Segil says. Unexplained bruises are also one of the silent signs of leukemia you shouldn’t ignore.

Your clothing feels funny

“My patients often say that their body just feels different, on a sensory level, from one part to the next,” Dr. Segil explains. “For example, when they put on their shirt, it feels differently sliding over their chest than it does going over their stomach.” The sensory issues can be hard to explain but he says you’ll know it if you experience them, as they’re a very strange sensation.

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