9 Types of Narcissists and What They Want: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need Again

The Three Faces of Man from PowerPlay, 1985
Tim and Sarah are in a relationship and things have been perfect, almost a little too perfect. She’s beautiful, just the kind of woman that makes him look good. Tim had her in his sights for a long time and the sex has been great, but he’s beginning to get bored. He learned what she wants in a partner and he thinks he’s made her pretty happy, but now that he has her where she will do whatever he wants, the whole thing is starting to lose its luster. He starts to withdraw from her and ignore her calls and texts. He can see the pain in her eyes when she starts to question what’s wrong and secretly gets a thrill out of it. He escalates the emotional turmoil by letting his contempt for her come out in sarcastic and cutting comments that make her cry, but he enjoys that he can control her emotions so easily. It makes him feel powerful. Soon, he grows bored with that too, however, and starts to look around for someone new. He doesn’t even try to hide his phone when other women start texting him when she is around, and as the relationship starts falling apart, he lets her self-destruct and beg for answers for a while, before he finally walks out on her, leaving her completely clueless about how he turned from her soulmate into a nightmare.
Steve and Lisa are in a relationship and they are deeply in love, idealizing one another in what appears to be a storybook romance. Lisa, however, is starting to feel as if Steve isn’t as attentive as he used to be and is always looking for signs that he will cheat on her or leave. She keeps a secret supply of men stocked with old boyfriends she talks to frequently and new men she meets at random places. When Steve finds out, he is shocked and upset, thinking the two of them had been very much in love. Lisa promises to stop talking to them. But when Steve is withdrawn and needs time to trust her again, she is upset that he doesn’t have the same level of devotion and trust he once did so she reverts back to her old behavior of getting attention from other men. She even starts to ignore and resent Steve and become more interested in one of the other men, feeling more and more as if Steve is not worth it and she will dump him for her new love interest since Steve doesn’t appreciate all the chances she’s given him. When Steve finds out that she is talking to someone else again and on a more serious level this time, she explodes and blames Steve for her actions and says, “If you would have loved me like I needed, this wouldn’t have happened.”

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