Air conditioning

My atypical flares from the air conditioning at work. I have discovered a mix of Abesol (the store brand) mixed in with Lansinoh Diaper Rash ointment (found at Target) give me a little bit of numbness with something that blocks the air somewhat from my trigger points. The Lansinoh has the highest content of Lanolin (15.5%) and Zinc Oxide (5.5%) of any ointment or cream I have found. I first apply a light mix of it with the abesol, then apply a heavy coat of just the Lansinoh on top. The zinc oxide rubs in clear, however it does show some with the heavy coat, so what if it works! Doesn’t work 100% but it definitely helps take the edge off.

B Complex of Vitamins

I am a nutritional medicine student who is working with a woman with trigeminal neuralgia – she has had an operation which has stopped the pain of this condition. However, she has other health problems including obesity, high blood pressure and blood sugar imbalance. For this case study I would like to recommend a supplement which contains the B complex of vitamins (B6 is in the form of pyridoxine-5-phosphate 25mg). The B vitamin contains B3 (25mg), B1 (15mg) B2 (15mg) and B5 (50mg).

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