I was in remission for several years and found one thing that was a definite trigger to my TN,  Vitamin B12 pills at a higher dose.

I have B12 deficiency and have to take Methylcobalamin to keep the levels at a good level. (I can’t take injectible cyanocobalamin because I’m allergic to something in the solution).

I found out that when I take more than 3 tabs, it fires up my TN with a vengeance, so I generally take just 2 tabs. The good news is that the tremors stopped completely and my memory is much better than it was. I always tell people that if they are having those kinds of problems to get their levels checked. It’s made a huge difference.

I even did my own tests to see if it was the B12 that was triggering it, and it started doing the “firing” of the nerve every time I increased it that same day, so I”m very careful not to go over that.

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