Bean bag

I just wanted to give you some information about my TN problem. I have discovered that if I heat a bean bag up as hot as I can stand it or hotter, and place it on the pain (mine is on my right side kind of in the ear) and sit down for about 10 minutes with the bean bag on the pain area…..IT GOES AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it has something to do with the heat. It relaxes the nerve and it goes away. NO MORE PILLS FOR ME!!!! I have tried pills, rest, crying works sometimes, too. But the heat works for me. Hope this information helps somebody. No more doctor visits either, which at one time I was told I was very difficult to treat and another pill was given. NO MORE PILLS FOR ME. YEAH. NO MORE DR APPTS. I have had this pain for 20 years and it took at least 10 years for someone to finally figure it out. It took a real good friend to help with the pain by saying try this, try this, try this………HEAT WORKS. Just wanted to pass this info to you.

Blue Star Ointment

About the same time I started applying Blue Star ointment to the side of my face and forehead each night before I went to bed, I think this also may be part of the reason for my relief; I don’t know for sure but I am continuing with both remedies.

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