Brand name Trileptal

My medication (trileptal ) became generic several months ago. At first, I was delighted as I felt it would be a great savings. Now I am back on the Brand name because on the generic I began to feel a great deal of sensitivity and was quite uncomfortable.I spoke to several friends who had problems with generics. I began to think that maybe my problem was a result of generic and apparently I was right for as soon as I went back on the brand name, my sensitivity is minimal. For anyone who is on a generic and may be experiencing problems, please consider going back to the Brand name.

Cervical Collar

I now put on my cervical collar (purchased at local pharmacy), place a hot (microwaved) bean bag on my scalp, and presto – gone in under an hour!

Collagen and Co-Enzyme 10

My pain intensity and frequency has lessened since I have been taking Collagen and Co-enzyme 10 in capsule form.

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