Well, Space Mountain seems to be 2 for 2. I was progressively getting worse last week, to the point that I saw a dentist and my doctor to absolutely rule out any teeth/sinus issues. They both ruled out ‘standard ailments’. So we headed to Disneyland on Friday night … since I went on Space Mountain again on Saturday, after the first 1/2 hour after the ride, I have not had the symptoms reoccur. I honestly believe the jarring of ride and not being able to see where you are going to prepare yourself for the turn creates a situation where your neck ‘snaps’ more effectively. If you would like to follow-up with me, please feel free.

FYI – My trigem seems to be ‘unofficially’ triggered by hard core exercise. Both instances when I have had it has come after working with a personal trainer and ‘pushing’ myself to my physical limits. I had just starting working towards a run/walk for a 5K …

Anyway, I hope that someone else will be able to benefit from the ‘Disney remission’ … It is a whole lot more fun the drugs and surgery!

Ear plug

I have been a TN patient for at least 10 years. Recently attacks seemed to occur more frequently. One of these occurred while I was on a tour bus overseas. One of the passengers suggested that I use an ear plug that she had received on the plane to stop any vibrations in my ear. I have since used an ear plug when I am in a car, at a concert, or on other occasions where there are loud sounds or other kinds of vibration. It works like a charm. I would just like to share this simple solution in the event that it may help others.

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