Effexor XR

FYI – I discovered by accident that effexor xr 150 mg was controlling my tn. Last summer I stopped the med in a desire to be drug free and had pain returning after 2 weeks. After months of tegretol, lyrica, and other anti-anxiety meds I went back on effexor 75 mg and have regained control. My brother who had his nerve cut and capped twice, but after time the nerves regrew has recently started effexor and is finding it getting control of his pain. Hope this helps someone.

Elasto-gel Cranial Cap

I use an elasto-gel cranial cap for relief of pain from occipital neuralgia. It is good because my pain starts on the top of my pain and radiates down the back of my head where the occipital nerves are. It sits on the back part of the trigeminal nerve.

Other uses include for pain in your temple(s). If you get headaches, migraines, the cap is wonderful! It also reaches the neck.

It is a good idea to purchase 2 or 3. It takes a while to get cold enough (about 2 hrs.) So if you have another one, you can swap. I also have one at my parents’ house.

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